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25 December 2006 @ 01:09 pm
I couldn't help myself...

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1) What would you do if you found out chillinxtream has a crush on you? haha... I'd kiss him :P
2) ascarerea's hair color? Is amazing
3) What do you disagree with krazykyle90 about? nothing! I think...
4) If internaldiscord took over the world, who would suffer? Oh... dear.... lord. That's an interesting image.
5) If acidic_flower were hanging off a cliff, what would sakura52988 do? Uhm probably save her but they dont'know each other
6) Have you flirted with aragorn392? lol ya
7) Which president would acidic_flower be likely to idolize? no clue
8) Did chillinxtream break up with you? NO! He did the opposite :) And he will never break up with me 'cause I love him SOOOO much
9) Has revolucion been to your house/dorm? yessm
10) Is honjo_masamune related to shmo746? nope
11) What rank would demytasse have in a giant robot army? wow. I have no idea. probably the like. leader
12) Where would mattkjackson most like to visit? oh probably some where with good food
13) Which of your friends should chillinxtream go out with? mmm.. me :)
14) One quality you find attractive in chillinxtream? One? that's hard... how about EVERYTHING
15) What is mattkjackson's favorite color? I have... no idea
16) What video game does acidic_flower remind you of? haha Final Fantasy
17) Does alienfirst do drugs? lol no
18) If shmo746 took over the world, who would be happy? everyone!
19) Would you ever date krazykyle90? wow. no
20) What would catsushi do differently in your shoes? no clue
21) What animal should alienfirst be combined with? A panda!
22) How many monkeys could hyperactivekid fight at once and win against? lol... you should ask Kyle that one
23) What comic book character would stukovfortytwo be? wow. I have no idea
24) Is krazykyle90 dead sexy? HAHA. wow. sorry no...
25) What is revolucion's favorite game? hm... I don't know
26) Is shinhwatickoala in a relationship? nope
27) Is loveislife6378 your best friend? she's a friend
28) Is honjo_masamune a nerd? haha... maybe
29) Is acidic_flower popular? of course!!!
30) Would alienfirst and th3aussi3sk8a look good together? wow. that's... creepy... no
31) When did you last call sakura52988? Like.. awhile ago 'cause she's here!!!
32) What planet should loveislife6378 be from? hehehe...
33) One thing you can't stand about krazykyle90? OMG. EVERYTHING! jk.. nothing
34) Do revolucion and aragorn392 go to the same school? yup
35) Is mattkjackson athletic? hehe... he could be
36) How long have you known munchkinmoorman? long time
37) Where was twitchmasta born? California I think
38) Is twitchmasta a college student? lol no
39) What would you do if shmo746 died? I'd cry...
40) Is i_luv_orli_113 1337? wtf does that mean?
41) If sakura52988 had a superpower, what would it be? oh.. I dunno... something cool
42) What exotic animal would sakura52988 like as a pet? haha a spider.. jk. dunno,, a tiger
43) Would alienfirst and hyperactivekid make a good couple? wow no.
44) How tall is twitchmasta? shorter than me! haha
45) Would honjo_masamune be a better ninja or pirate? mm ninja
46) If catsushi and alienfirst were spliced together, what would be its name? i have no idea
47) Are th3aussi3sk8a and i_luv_orli_113 going out? lol no.. that.. is also creepy
48) Have you ever dated twitchmasta? ...
49) What mental disorder does krazykyle90 remind you of? HAHA. well... lets not go into that
50) Would you set up loveislife6378 and i_luv_orli_113? haha no
51) What languages does da_medici speak? spanish.. XP
52) Is i_luv_orli_113 introverted or extroverted? wtf.. no clue both!
53) What would loveislife6378 think of i_luv_orli_113? dunno
54) How would i_luv_orli_113 kill drahcir_ph_f? haha.. who knows
55) If i_luv_orli_113 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? lol... wow that's a weird image.. I dunno.. how about... puppies XD
56) Does demytasse know mattkjackson? haha that's ironic.. yes they do
57) Is shmo746 an emo? no!
58) Do you think stukovfortytwo is hot? WTF. Sorry.. but NO. I like my Taylor :)
59) Is shmo746 related to you? nope
60) If lost4everlouwho and mattkjackson were spliced together, what would it be like? that woud be.. weird
61) What song/movie would you recommend to acidic_flower? uhm... the only song that popped into my head was.. The Bad Touch.. hehe
62) What animal does drahcir_ph_f remind you of? a dragon...
63) What word best describes twitchmasta? uhm... a word
64) If sakura52988 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? haha.. I don't know
65) Is loveislife6378 friends with catsushi? nope
66) What is lost4everlouwho's biggest flaw? she doesn't have one
67) How long would hyperactivekid dating lost4everlouwho last? not very long..
68) How would th3aussi3sk8a conquer the world? I dont' even want to know
69) Does hyperactivekid have a dog? I think so
70) Are stukovfortytwo and ascarerea going steady? haha no
71) Does internaldiscord have a crush on i_luv_orli_113? lol no
72) Where did you first meet sakura52988? well.. I was born.. and then she was there.
73) Where was alienfirst born? in a hospital
74) What flavor of jello would th3aussi3sk8a be? haha.. omg.. like Strawberry
75) What color should hyperactivekid dye their hair? ORANGE! jk.
76) What is chillinxtream's shoe size? lol 12.. WAY bigger than mine
77) What is alienfirst allergic to? kitties
78) Could you see i_luv_orli_113 and loveislife6378 together? haha no
79) Does ascarerea go to your school? yup
80) Does munchkinmoorman drink? nope
81) Are munchkinmoorman and acidic_flower married? lol no
82) Is sakura52988 single? nope
83) What is alienfirst's favorite band/artist? uhm... I actaully do not know
84) What do you agree with honjo_masamune about? oh hell if I know
85) Does mattkjackson have a big secret? probably
86) Would you make out with honjo_masamune? I'm sorry.. but HELL NO
87) Is shinhwatickoala a high school student? yup
88) Do you have chillinxtream's screenname? mmhmm
89) What is krazykyle90's favorite food? CHINOIS.
90) Would loveislife6378 go out with i_luv_orli_113? haha no
91) Does shinhwatickoala smoke? nope
92) Do you have a crush on chillinxtream? haha.. no.. how about.. I LOVE HIM
93) Has internaldiscord dyed their hair? yup
94) If revolucion and shmo746 were siamese twins, where would they be joined? uhm.. the.. I dunno
95) What is revolucion's favorite movie? hmm...
96) What would minako134 give catsushi for his/her birthday? no clue
97) Does th3aussi3sk8a travel a lot? sort of
98) Would you wrestle honjo_masamune in jello? lol no..
99) Thoughts on minako134? she's cool
100) stukovfortytwo's eye color? uhh.. brown..?

K bye.
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Laurenrevolucion on December 26th, 2006 04:23 am (UTC)
My favorite game is Sims 2 and my favorite movie is Back to the Future. Haha. So funny! Hehe!
Arielleryo_ohki41290 on December 26th, 2006 04:25 am (UTC)
so I was gonna say Sims but I didn't wanna be wrong. lol
Harmony-Jane Younginternaldiscord on January 1st, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
*misses her red hair*