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25 December 2006 @ 11:52 am
Yup. So I thought that I'd be cool and tell you all some of the stuff I got for christmas... if I can remember everything... then I'm gonna leave and go fix my hair.

So... first off...


My grandma gave me $100 and some really soft socks and like slipper things.

My mommy got me this really amazingly soft blanket that I love SO much, a cup holder FM transmitter to plug my iPod in (AND I have cupholders now so it works.. haha but my car is still in the shop... *le tear*), and she gave me something else... oh a $200 gift card to GIJoe's.. time to go snowboard gear shopping :D And I think there was something else but I forgot... sad.

My homie Austin gave me this really pretty necklace and earrings.. I'm gonna wear them today :)

Kyle gave me the most amazing chocolate ever... *drools just thinking about it*

My grandma on my mom's side gave me root beer and a freeze dried ice cream bar.. don't even ask I haven't opened it yet.. lol OMG. and she gave me this really cool like.. REAL tea.. not the stuff that comes in the little packages. but REAL tea. It's sweet.

Anna gave me a little book that's called "Afternoon Tea" it has a whole bunch of recipes for making tea time snacks.. I'm excited! haha omg.. and she gave me a POTC: dead man's chest calender!!! I love it... <3

Panda got me the Halo graphic novel... I love it. I opened and then began to read. XD

Meredith gave me a picture frame and a really cool like street sign that says "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

I... think I've said everything... there was a whole bunch of other little stuff but I'm too damn lazy to say them all. But basically this was a wonderful christmas and I loved it!

Well I'm off to finish getting ready then I'm gonna see if any starbucks are open... haha 'cause today won't be too exciting 'cause my mommy is at work :(
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24 December 2006 @ 03:36 pm
Merry like day early christmas! lol

Now I'm off to watch my family get drunk (literally)

(PS: My daddy got me an Xbox 360 :D I got one before my boyfriend how weird is that? lol)

mm I love you Taylor fyi <3
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22 December 2006 @ 03:35 pm
Ok... I'm much better than I was a few nights ago. Those people are gone... and I can hear myself think... sort of. Tomorrow morning me and the sisters are off to our grandma's house then we come back here on christmas eve to... *shivers* see more family and thus make me want to shoot myself again.. but I will live through it... then on christmas... I will be stuck. Alone. Wonderful. 'Cause I'm not cool and I won't have my mother home or my other sister so ya. I may just sit on my ass all day and play halo. yes that is what I will do.

So ya. And right now... I'm waiting for my mother to come home so that we can go and watch a movie. And then.. ya!

Fyi... Taylor gave me this amazing coat today.. like omg. :)
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20 December 2006 @ 01:30 pm
When I get my car back I think I may kiss it.

I have to wait another week and a half. It'll be either next year (haha) by the time I get it or late next week.

Stupid German car.. needs stupid german parts that are only in Germany...

:( My little bug... I miss it so...
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19 December 2006 @ 01:35 pm
My car is famous.
19 December 2006 @ 01:26 pm
So. The power went out in case you were all wondering. It was kinda sucky. I spent the majority of my time at Taylor's 'cause he had a generator and it was like 35 degrees in my house so I didn't really want to be inside it. And ya. He got to take my tortoise and fish for two days. haha. And then we got power back and I took a freaking long shower. It was amazazing. :)

So yup. Now I'm just sitting here bored outta my mind. Mmhmm... and this is the 3rd week without my baby... (aka... my beetle) And it probably won't be back till the end of this week... and well we are leaving early Saturday morning... so if we don't get it back by friday I won't see it till probably after christmas which would suck major balls and I'd cry. lol. Well I'm really surprised that John decided to just get the whole shabang done. I'm so grateful too. My little bug was like slowly falling apart and when I get it back it'll be like brand new! :D Exciting...

Anywho. My mommy gave me her old laptop but it won't connect to this computer so what's supposed to be amazingly fast internet... isn't even like connecting... and it doesn't even recognize that it's connected to this computer so I can't get my junk over on it. So I'm kinda mad. Oh well. It'll get figured out soon enough. Yup... So ya. Oh.. so I decided that after this year I'm quitting Mill's Music so I can concentrate on school work and then get a higher paying job in the summer to work with. I sorta like Mill's Music.. but it's just so far away... and I can't take it anymore... Whiny mothers who don't know what there child wants should not be allowed to come in. Grrr... So ya. Woot. Arielle will be job free by January... then I'm gonna be concentrating on school and my saxophone :) Sweet...

I have a private lesson today. I'm sorta excited. It probably wont' be too interesting, but oh well. As long as I can be a pretty good improver by Jazz and Java I'm fine with it. So ya. My wrists are starting to hurt and I'm hungry so I think I'm gonna go and eat something and find something to do. Like clean off my desk and make room for my lappy. mmhmm. Ya. K bye!
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08 December 2006 @ 03:42 pm
So that's it. I give up on IB. I hate it. It doesn't matter how hard I try I fail. It's pointless to even try anymore when I know I'm just gonna fail. I think I might drop out next semester. I'm so fucking tired of getting back crappy grades when everyone else I know is getting better then me... I mean WTF? I hate IB. I hate it with the firey passions from HELL. *breathes* ok... And.. I hate jazz band 'cause I fucking suck. David is basically like the section leader and he's better than I'll ever be. I never get solos 'cause most of them are improv and I can't improv worth a fuck so.. ya. I'm pissed about that. I want to be good you have no idea how bad I do. But IB block and other classes have taken over my life that I have no time to practice anymore. It's like the teachers say "weekend? What's a weekend? you don't need a break! what are you talking about! Let's assign 50 bazillion pages of reading due by the end of next week! Who cares that you have a band concert on Wednesday... who cares that you have 6 other classes to worry about... WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!"

K... I think... I'm done ranting. I'm just so done with high school. I'm so done with all the drama... all the people... just everything...

On a lighter note... I'm really happy that I have the parents I do. 'Cause some people are less forunate than me and have fucked up parents who don't let them do anything because they are afraid that some like hobo is gonna mug them while they are in someone elses house (haha jk.. I have no idea where that example came from... probably my ass or something...) Anywho. Ya... So school life is fucking aweful... And house life... is ok. There are still a few things at home that bother me but for the most part I'm pretty content. But trust me... right now I'm ready to grow up. I'm ready to leave. I'm ready to do what I want. I'm ready to learn what I want to learn. I'm ready to be on my own.

(watch... I think that now.. but later will I? Life is full of so many questions...)

Anywho. I think I'll stop ranting now. I feel actually a bit better. It's just I have to do a lot of HW tomorrow and I work the two days before break... those are the days Anna comes back... Fuck. That pisses me off. If they don't let me work in Issaquah after January I'm quitting. End of story no fucking joke. I'm so tired of driving all the way to Bellevue. It's like gas money I don't have. It's time I don't have. It's time I could be doing HW. I mean.. WTF? Ok... *sigh*

Ya. Sorry I keep ranting. I'm done. I think I have most of my life story up till this point down. haha... ya. One thing to look forward to... Anna's coming back :)

(on a side note I said the F word... 8 times. Wow.
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07 December 2006 @ 03:06 pm
I think I might be getting an Xbox 360 for christmas.



Ok... Anywho. I like failed 3 tests in one week... ya. Pretty cool.. NOT. So I'm gonna go and study my brain out for History because... I did really well on our first one and then I just bombed after that. It's really sad. So ya. Uhm. Tomorrow is Friday... I'm so happy. This week has like... ugh blown majorly. Next week will too 'cause I have a butt load of reading to do for History. Well atleast I'll be well prepared for college.. *halfway thanks Mrs. Heldt and half way yells at her* Yup... Oh.. so my car won't be back till the middle of next week *tear* I'm sad. But it'll be nice and fixed when it comes back and I will rejoice... 'cause... are you read for this...

I WILL HAVE CUPHOLDERS!!! And a bunch of other stuff fixed too :)So I'm happy about that... I'll get it back just in time for break :D!!! BREAK!!! OMFGLOMFG!!!! I'm so excited!!!

1. Anna is coming back
2. No school

I think that covers it. And now... I think it's about time I went and studied. Yessm. CIAO.
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05 December 2006 @ 07:10 pm
So ya. It's been awhile huh? I know... well I actually have time to type something. It's amazazing... (haha Benchwarmers...)

Well. My life hasn't been too exciting. lol As you probably have heard there were three snow days last week and I couldn't drive my car at all. Ha... But ya. It was a lot of fun. I hung out with Taylor, Meredith and Kyle for the most part. Me and Kyle went on a lot of late snowy walks it was great :) And on the last day we went sledding down Taylor's hill it was SO much fun! Mmm... and ya!

What else has happened... Well I honestly don't know. I feel really boring right now. I'm sorry. lol. Ooooh I might get to go night snowboarding on Friday 'cause my family wants to go up and sled at night so I was like.. hmm I'm gonna snowboard! And hopefully Taylor can come too that would be pretty sweet.

Omg.. I'm getting so dreadfully tired of school... I need like a HUGE break.. like omg. Winter vacation which is coming up soon yay! I can't wait.. I bought like pretty much all my gifts for people... and I found out that Meredith's was the most expensive.. haha I totally didn't figure that out till today. Go me. OMG! American Eagle is giving out free scarves tomorrow! (sorry ADD) and I'm totally gonna go and get one :D Yay. AND! My car went into the shop today so... I won't have a car for a week... *tear* but it will be fixed for the most part in that week. YAY! No more having to open my trunk to get into my car. lol

Ho hum... Ya. I'm boring. *sigh* My life isn't very interesting. I'm sorry. I think I'll come back when I actually have something interesting to say...


Ok I'm done. BYE!

OMG SO MANY F'ING TESTS THIS WEEK SHOOT ME NOW!!! And I can't improv... There goes another solo chance... I could have like 5 now. FUCK. K bye.
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30 November 2006 @ 08:11 pm

Rock on.
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