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26 February 2007 @ 07:35 pm
So I'm taking a short break from HW right now... I don't have too much more to do... sort of.

Well today was the first day of track and well it was ok... My coach for discus was gone today so what I had been looking forward to do ALL day... couldn't happen so I had to result to throwing the shot put and it's amazing how good you can still be after a year of no preparation. lol... but the bad part... I believe that my scoliosis is getting worse... I sit on the computer now and my neck is hurting (I dunno if that's because of my back but whatev) I constantly feel pain when I bend over.. no doubt that the pain will be there every single time I bend over... even today throwing... it killed my back.. I cracked it throwing... and then.. all hell broke lose... So now my back hurts every time I move... not fun. I mean.. I'm 16 almost 17 and my back already makes me feel like I'm 80... do you have any idea how scary that is for me? It's scary... so I have to start physical therapy soon and I have no idea how to fit it in with the rest of my life... because I'll have to start out doing 2 times during the weekdays... then down to 1 day later.. but I already have lessons on tuesdays and track every day... I really want to be on varsity and go to all the meets but it'll be impossible if I'm gone all time... I just don't know what to do...

I'm too young for this... :(

On a lighter note.. my favorite line from the trip...

Michelle: OMG I can't wait till it gets dark so that I can turn myself on and flash everyone...!"
Best. Line. Ever. Just don't even ask... lol

K back to Tindell and Shi... erm.. which one died again?
Current Mood: soresore